About Us

Our Team .

Our team is built from industry professionals with a passion for lasting and functional design. Each team member brings a set of distinctive skills to the table that is utilized throughout our client’s project to make sure their voice and vision are being captured every step of the way. With an extremely detail-oriented team and attentive listening skills, we consolidate our clients’ needs and wish lists into a thoughtful design that functions for each family’s individual needs. There are no areas that get overlooked when it comes to the design of your home, with residential and interior design experts in-house, our team collaborates to find synergy between the two design elements.

Keegan Morrone

President & CEO

Linzee Aston

Vice President

Alycia Stiebritz

Interior Designer

Jackson Lumby

Architectural Technologist

How We Make A Difference

AstonMorrone Designs Inc. takes pride in each of our custom designs, which are thoughtfully created with our clients. Our design packages are tailored to each of our unique clients to ensure their design process is smooth and efficient. We present our floor plans and selections in conjunction with realistic 3D modelling for you to better visualize your dream home. From the initial conceptualization to the final walkthrough, we are there to advocate for you and ensure your vision is never lost or compromised.